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How can I get prescription medication online?
How can I get prescription medication online?
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You can request a prescription medication in any video or phone consultation you have with a .doctor GP.

Our consults are just like what you'd expect from a regular in-person GP: you'll join the call, and your doctor will ask how you're doing. In that conversation, you can discuss medication options, and your doctor will assess your suitability.

If a prescription is approved, a QR code (e-script) will be sent to your phone that can be taken to any pharmacy for dispensing.

After booking your appointment, you'll be asked to complete an intake form to collect information such as your emergency contacts and relevant allergies. You must complete that prior to attending your first appointment with us.

What medications do you prescribe?

We prescribe most medications.

However, we don't prescribe Schedule 8 or Schedule 4D medications. Please do not request an online doctor consultation via our service if you require these medications.

Medication not prescribed include Diazepam, Endone, Lyrica, Stilnox, Zolpidem, Codeine (including Panadeine Forte), Benzodiazepines (including Valium/Diazepam, Temazepam, Oxazepam, Alprazolam), Duromine, Tramadol, Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Seroquel, Steroids, Vyvanse, Modafinil, Dexamphetamine, Ritalin, Concerta, Sofradex/Otodex ear drops, Roaccutane, Anabolic steroids, Testosterone, Peptides.

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